Our Services

  Upgrade Your Brain
Computer Training
Knowledge is power. Especially when it comes to using computers. We provide one-to-one computer training in your home to office, covering a broad range of topics, and targeted at beginners and advanced computer users. We can give you brief informal training covering just the things you want to learn. Here are some suggestions: How to send an emailHow to use the internetA tour of useful sites on the internetHow to type and print a letterHow to get my photos off the camera and onto the computerHow do I use Skype to make free “phone calls” We can also take you through courses on most Microsoft programs (including Windows, Word and Excel) and their alternatives. We use the easy to follow “In Pics” material. On average, these courses take between five and ten hours. Do the training with a friend and share the cost.
  Tame the Beast
Computer Support
Is your computer even slower than normal? Getting lots of popups on the internet? Then you need a computer cleanup. We clean up viruses, spyware and adware, or reinstall your operating system if things have become unfixable.We set up the software you need on your computer, and give you basic training on how to avoid viruses. We can also talk to you about Linux, an operating system that is very resistant to viruses. You might also be frustrated that you can’t get your computer to do what you want it to. We can set up your email, printer, Skype, and other programs. We can also recommend software for most jobs, including excellent programs that are inexpensive or free. When you buy a new computer, we can help set it up for you, including transferring your valuable photos, songs and information from your old computer.
  Free Your Computer
Free and Open Software
We can introduce you to a wide variety of ways of using your computer more effectively and affordably. We emphasise web services (especially the full range of Google software), and cross-platform open-source software. Open source software is hand crafted by a worldwide community who believe that software should be free to use and free to share. It isn’t cheap, it’s free. Consider adding open source and freeware software to your list of other Windows applications. Options include office software like OpenOffice.org and Scribus, graphics software like the Gimp and Inkscape, internet software like Firefox and Opera, security software like Avast and Adaware.Consider replacing Windows with Linux. Linux is easy to use, comes with all of the free and open source software you need, and is free from viruses. We recommend PCLinuxOS as a good first Linux distribution. We can demonstrate, support and offer training in open-source software and web services.