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09/11/2008 17:46:30AbdelThis site is interesting. But you should have a look at LyX, the document processor ( Latest version LyX-1.6 is incredibly more productive than OO writer for a serious writer.
11/11/2008 20:29:56adriantry@Abdel. Thanks for your comment. I’ve often played with LyX, but haven’t had the opportunity to create a serious document with it yet. It seems to be the sort of program you learn by using it, and a program that has depths that would take a lifetime to mine. A worthwhile pursuit for a serious document writer. I have added a brief page about LyX, that I will add to over time.
11/10/2014 01:14:54Dan FAre you planning on update anytime or have you abandoned this site? The MS stuff is for 2003, 11 years and at least 2 updates old.
11/10/2014 19:22:55adriantryHi Dan. You’re right, I haven’t updated the site in some time. I didn’t create the Microsoft Office quick reference cards, but found them very helpful way back when I did training. As far as I know they haven’t been updated since.