Are you getting enough out of your computer? Many people just use the programs that came with the computer. Too many people are frustrated by viruses, slow downs, restrictions and high costs.

But you have options. Lots of options. Try another angle!

Free and open software  is hand crafted by a worldwide community who believe that software should be free to use and free to share. It isn’t cheap, it’s free.

Web services  are sites on the internet that don’t just share information. They empower you with the ability to do work and store information. They are computer programs that live and work on the internet rather than your own computer.

Don’t be boring. Consider your options!

  • Consider adding free and open software to your list of other Windows applications. Options include office software like OpenOffice.org and Scribus, graphics software like the Gimp and Inkscape, internet software like Firefox and Opera, security software including virus protection.
  • Consider taking advantage of web services that will enable you to produce documents, store reference information, get organised, produce a family tree, and make your photos pretty. Without installing anything on your own computer. And your work will be available from anywhere there is an internet connection. Options include Gmail and Google Docs, Airset for organising your groups, and Remember the Milk for your to do list.
  • Consider replacing Windows with Linux. Linux is easy to use, comes with all of the free and open source software you need, and is free from viruses. We recommend PCLinuxOS as a good first Linux distribution.

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